whoami and why I'm here?


whoami and why I'm here?

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Dear reader,

I believe every new beginning needs a proper introduction! So....

My name is Orlin and I'm planing to use this space to share some of my knowledge, ideas and will use the platform to research and share new gained of the same!

As of time of writing I'm Señor Community Lead as part of the Cloud Native team at VMware. So I combine community management + DevRel + DevAdvocacy + Maintainer(wanna be) and everything in between!

In my day to day job I'm helping and growing Project Harbor and Velero to thrive in their communities both technical and social-wise!

Prior that I have something like ~20ish years of SysAdmin roles, Unix and Linux system engineering, development, cloud architecture and deployment. Six years ago my K8s/Cloud Native journey started by installing my first Kubernetes following Kelsey's Hard-way :)

Joined VMware back in 2018 as Platform Dev Engineer and with some other folks we created the first internal Kubernetes platform which enabled VMware transition to *aaS(e.g. VMware on AWS), BTW at the time the "Platform Engineering" was still not a thing that we know today :D

Somewhere in that time I was honoured to become an CNCF Amabassador

as a result of many things but the most significant one is the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Bulgaria Meetup!

Also American style barbecue and home baking are not just a hobby so maybe some posts about these as well will see :)

I made these two :)

Hope you will find some useful readings here... and I'll do some proper writing :D

Get in touch:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ovasilev/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrlinVasilev

Github: https://github.com/orlinvasilev